Our meaning

Logo represents two letters written in arabic. Read from the right to the left it stands for T M. Fourtweny is related to the telephone prefix of where we are located. Deeper meanings such as tm we are not exposing as yet. Find dem yourself.

"Everything has a meaning"

We work on a pre-order method.

For those who don’t know what that is, here is a description.

We launch a drop with everything ready and in place with our supplier. Once we close the site we start the production. Production can take up to three to four weeks depending on the product, amount, packaging, shipping or timeframe but usually takes about two weeks. We then receive the goods and start direct delivery to you. So estimated time to receive your product is approximately up to six weeks but USUALLY TAKES AROUND THREE TO FOUR TO RECEIVE.

This method guarantees us that everything can go smoothly for the customer, supplier and us.

Thanks for understanding,
Team tmfourtweny